Stefanie Lindeman, JD

Stefanie Lindeman is a writer and advocate for health equity and in particular for equal access to high-quality, affordable healthcare. Stefanie began blogging at Stairway to Healthcare in 2017, as a way to help herself and others make sense of the facts, figures and soundbites emerging from the debate over healthcare reform. Drawing on the skills she developed in her first career practicing law as well as her subsequent 10 years of experience working in mission-driven organizations, she combines current research, policy analysis and personal insight to break down complex issues. For the past two years, Stefanie has worked at NYU School of Medicine’s Department of Population Health on a research initiative investigating ways to support independent primary care doctors caring for patients in primarily low-income and immigrant communities. Prior to that she spent five years working at the New York State Primary Care Association during the rollout of the Affordable Care Act. Stefanie began her social justice career as an intern with the Children’s Defense Fund – New York, after having practiced law for four years. Stefanie draws her commitment and energy from her own experience as a sick kid growing up in a poor family and from her personal connections with friends and family members whose health and financial wellbeing are linked to the outcome of this debate.

You can follow Stefanie Lindeman on Twitter @SpelledWithAnF.

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The Mission of Stairway to Healthcare

cropped-img_17385.jpgStairway to Healthcare is a resource for anyone who wants to better understand how healthcare policy affects the day-to-day lives of real people as well as what sorts of changes can get us closer to achieving health equity. Blogger Stefanie Lindeman cuts through the political noise to present the bigger picture and give people the knowledge they need to speak out for equal access to high-quality affordable healthcare. You can follow Stairway to Healthcare on Twitter @StrwyToHlthcre and on Facebook.